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You never know where life will take you.

Unlike most photographers, I never would have considered this my dream from an early age. In fact, I intended to pursue a career as a physician's assistant. But often fate has a way of changing our plans. After a year of studying biology, I found myself unhappy with my future career path. I transferred to a new school and into the creative field to study Graphics and Multimedia, where I found my true calling in life. 

My and my husband's love story is something out of a movie. Scott, and I met when we were just kids at 13 and 14 years old. We have been together ever since the summer of 2003. Ten years after "making it official" on AOL instant messenger, we had the wedding of our dreams.

Today, I'm a wedding photographer living outside of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania with my husband and our dog, Pippa. Together we shoot weddings and capture moments that will last a lifetime.

With a camera in my hands and love in my heart,


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